Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I needed a break

It has been forever since I last posted anything on here and so much has happened.  I'm not going to even try and document everything.  Let's just chalk it up to it has been crazy, hectic, and more crazy and move on.

Our kiddos are growing up so fast.  Brett is 23 months old now and is a little talking machine.  I love it when he says "Thank you, mommy" after I give him anything.  He is so sweet.  He also likes to grab your hand and say, "Come on, mommy (or daddy)" whenever he wants to show you something.  He is also hard to entertain.  Even at his age Sam used to love to sit and watch a cartoon or read a book, not this boy.  He is going strong 100% of the time that he is not sleeping.
 Sam turned 4 and she is so smart and is turning into a teenager it seems before our eyes.  Tonight while we were sitting on the couch watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates before bed she cuddled up between Travis and I and said, "I love you guys, both of you, you are filled with such joy!" I was taken aback a bit for Travis and I had just been complaining about money or something and how it seems like you can never have enough.  I just looked at Travis and smiled and then said "We are aren't we?"  We really should be.  We are blessed.  We are blessed every second of every day.
Oh and one more thing, this little fur ball joined the family a while back.  His name is Flynn Rider (Sam named him) and he is a little ball of fire.  I'm sure he will be a great dog but he is certainly in his painful puppy years.  He is cute as all get out but wow, he can wear you out.

As for Travis and I, I have been taking a triathlon break this summer it seems.  I signed up for one in June but it was cancelled due to thunderstorms and I haven't signed up for another one yet.  I think doing the 70.3 last summer kind of ruined sprint tris for me this year.  I'm starting to feel the itch a little bit but now there are no races to do.  Oh well, for the past 4 years I have taken every other year off, granted I was pregnant during those years off but maybe it is a natural bio rhythm for me.

Travis did his first tri of the summer last weekend and he did pretty well.  He had back surgery for a herniated disc in April so I think racing in August is a fabulous accomplishment.  He did it with the green light from his doctor too.

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  1. Boys definitely have more energy, or maybe it is just more movement.